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Latest Updates
Sky Mushroom ( Ver.1.3.0 )2011/06/09
- You can back to menu or restart game from [Pause] button.
- Fixed an issue with the picture when playing with the device upside down.
Sky Mushroom ( Ver.1.2.0 )2011/05/31
- You can tweet to twitter with picture.
Vice Dice ( Ver.1.0 )2011/07/26
Vice Dice for Android has been released!
Notes+HD ( Ver.1.0 )2010/08/11
Notes+HD (Notes+ for iPad) has been released!!
Notes+ ( Ver.2.3 )2010/12/07
- The problem of improper shutdown of the application after unlocking a note in iOS4.2.1 has been fixed.
- The layout of the user interface for password or PIN input in iOS4.2.1 has been modified.
- The following functions that had been once disabled in the previous version 2.2.2 are enabled again.
* The text of notes can be sent through SMS/MMS.
* High Resolution Retina Icon can be supported.
* It will not allow applications to run in the background in iOS4.
Notes+ for Windows ( Ver.1.0 )2010/09/15
- Startup crash problem when importing proxy authentication has been fixed.
- The internal publication name of Notes+ has been regarded as a machine name by Bonjour.
- Category list can be reordered by drag and drop.
- The respective color of each category is shown in category list, notes list and category combo box.
- The interruption problem of note editing when selecting from the combo box has been resolved.
- Both the total no. of notes before and after making advanced search are shown now in the status bar.
- The following changes are allowed to be made- the order and the width of the list header, the cutting point of each pane and the Windows' size and location.
- Selected categories and notes can now be memorized.
- The sorting of the Note List can be memorized.
- The design of toolbar has been adjusted.
- The Windows title has changed to "Notes+".
Notes+ for Mac ( Ver.1.0.6 )2010/09/16
- The rules for deciding the initial category of a new note has been set in accordance of iPhone.
- Minor adjustment has been made on display-related matters.
Wines ( Ver.1.1.1 )2010/08/30
Wines Ver.1.1 - has been released!
The number of wine glossaries has been increased from 348 to 543 words.
MailMe ( Ver.2.7 )2011/02/25
- added template / background image for a business card.
MailYou ( Ver.2.1.1 )2010/09/20
- The internal processing has been changed and is now compatible with iPhone4.
- The blank area on top or on the two sides of the camera image is now displayed in iPhone 3G and 4.
StamPa! ( Ver.1.0 )2009/06/13
Now, you can arrange your photos using three types of stamps, which are "dingbat", "mosaic" and "blur".